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  1. Exhibiting at a Trade Show Makes Sense
    From small companies to large corporations, trade shows give you a powerful platform for reaching existing customers, meeting new customers, and introducing your company to the public.
  2. Generate Target Leads
    With the right strategy, exhibiting at a trade show is an opportunity to expand your company’s customer base. The people who attend trade shows are more likely to be motivated, interested in the products or services your company offers, and often ready to commit to a deal on the spot. Trade show leads are much more worthwhile than names and numbers picked out of a business directory. In fact, a good show could keep your sales team busy for months connecting with prospects and closing deals.
  3. Become Aware of Trends
    Trade shows are great opportunities to learn the direction in which your industry is trending. Being able to see what your competitors are doing right or wrong is valuable information to use for your own business.
  4. Strengthen Your Brand
    Trade shows are an opportunity to show customers you are serious and reliable. With the right strategy, even a small startup can strengthen its brand by exhibiting at a trade show.
  5. Sell Without Consumer Resentment
    Trade shows are an opportunity for your sales team to talk with prospects without the resentment and apprehension that characterizes traditional direct sales such as telemarketing or door-to- door. Customers are in a buying or research-focused mindset and typical objections disappear.



  1. Establish Clear Sales Goals Before the Event
    Make your goals clear to your team.
  2. Interact
    Talk with every person that visits your booth. You never know who might turn into a customer.
  3. Keep Notes
    Make notes of your interactions so that you can follow-up after the event.
  4. Ask for the Sale
    If possible, without being too aggressive, try to close deals on the spot to capitalize on the buying mindset of the event customer.
  5. Get the Appointment
    Set up appointments with hot prospects for the week after the event.

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